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pete S. reyna iii


Life Insurance Agent @ PHP San Antonio
PHP Associate / Entrepreneur
Network Marketing Professional / Coach
K.M.F. >>> Keep.Moving.Forward. /// Mind.Motivation.Fitness.


My PASSION for Entrepreneurship is out of concern for my fellow man/woman and their actions or lack their of in comparison to their wants, needs, desires. Actions that have to be taken are completely different than the actions that have been taken thus far in your life, and we are human, and we are creatures of habit and any time we are asked to do something different, it makes us uncomfortable, and when we feel this discomfort, we usually retreat back to what we know, to what we are familiar with. What is needed to push through that discomfort to the other side is a very high level of commitment to make it happen. If You feel that you are in a place today where you are committed to making things happen and get your finances to the level that you have wanted, then lets have a quick conversation to establish if might be able to possibly do something together!

If you leave change to chance,

then you chance never changing.

If you seek change then dare to chance!



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March 2018

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Saving America By Doing The Impossible.

Today’s Realities

  • Disturbing Lack of Financial Education
  • Insufficient Insurance Protection
  • Alarming Consumer Debt
  • Failing Social Security
  • Depleting Pension Funds


small business / 10 employees

401K Rollovers

401k Rollovers

IRA and Roth ira's


life insurance

Life Insurance

long term care

Long Term Care



debt settlement



PHP Agency, Inc. is a life insurance sales and marketing organization with a two part vision: change the culture and diversity of the insurance iindustry and build the world’s largest insurance ssales, marketing & distribution company in history. PHP is headquartered in Dallas, TX and its agents serve clients from their offices located across the US.

pete s. reyna iii / pinnacle solutions & Retirement

8026 Vantage Dr., Suite 102

San Antonio, Texas 78230